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E-Mail Marketing

Around 40 percent of B2B marketers believe that email newsletters have proven to contribute significantly to their content marketing success. Moreover, 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email, and 99% of people open their email app every day, and it’s undoubtedly a highly preferred way to receive brand updates.

At our company, we understand the power of email marketing and offer comprehensive ORM services to leverage this effective communication channel.

Email Marketing


In the jam-packed world of emails, keeping them incredibly relevant is the key. 4 out of 10 email subscribers mark emails as spam simply because the emails are irrelevant. We understand that personalization goes beyond addressing the email to the person’s first name. Our email experts utilize behavioral and demographic data to the max so you can take advantage of impulse buying.


Creating Relevant Lists

Using sophisticated tools, we create vetted and relevant lists for your email campaigns. Instead of following the general tendency to buy and send out bulk emails. using relevant lists, our teams use information like local references, pain points, and requirements of the prospect to personalize your emails, making it a successful campaign.

Email Marketing

Ensure Sender Reputation

A poor sender reputation can result in emails being flagged as spam, leading to lower deliverability rates and reduced engagement. Our experts focus on delivering high-quality content, maintaining list hygiene, and adhering to best practices to ensure a strong sender reputation for email marketing.

A positive sender reputation can lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and, ultimately, a better return on investment for your campaigns.

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