Case Study

An SEO Success story for a food website


Our client runs a website in North America that connects poultry farmers with consumers and communicates other relevant details about the market. In industries like farm websites and local food products, the return is generally expected to be proportionate to the effort one puts into the website's SEO. That means businesses in food-related industries must, at the very least, hire professionals to indulge in SEO practices if they can't afford to put in the time to learn about it themselves.

On the other hand, SEO done at the right time in the business can pay dividends for months and years, thanks to the discovery on Google and other search engines.The returns on investment in SEO are not immediate. However, farm website SEO can be good when there is an off-season going on so you can reap all the increasing returns and support the demand during regular marketing time.

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A Glance At The Detail

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The Problem

With the information provided by the client and analysis done by our SEO specialists, we determined that their site heavily relied on organic traffic to stimulate product demand and spread awareness of the brand. Gradually, the website observed declining organic visibility and traffic year after year. As a result, we were challenged with updating the website's technical architecture and mobile UI/UX optimization, along with refreshing existing content to create a user-friendly site that would generate improved user experience, maximize visibility, and increase site visits.

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The Approach

We began by developing a site-wide and integrated keyword strategy. Then, through holistic and comprehensive analysis, we were able to take an informed approach to the new website architecture that was built, unraveling user intent and organizing the website content around that intent.

The technical SEO, that is, the development of the new site, was solely based on SEO science. We paired these recommendations with a URL strategy that aimed at capitalizing on past authority and value that the brand had already earned.

Next, we also provided the client with recommendations to merge and remove sections of the old site to make sure the new site is streamlined, optimally organized, and user-friendly to support the keyword strategy best.

With our data-driven approach, we tracked down the most highly trafficked pages. We enabled our clients to focus on the highest priority opportunities while making full use of existing SEO equity. Once the site was launched, real-time SEO monitoring quickly identified and resolved any issues that arose.

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The Impact

We successfully enabled our client to achieve a new website experience and an SEO strategy for the website that makes content discovery quick and easy for both search engines and users. An SEO-first style of approach influenced the entire website development process—from content development to the site architecture—and set the foundation for the client's overall ability to improve the website experience.

Increase in mobile traffic
Increase in recipe sharing
Increase in website traffic
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