Case Study

Improving Customer Base Using A Strategic Set Of PPC Campaigns


Based in the UK, our client owns an organization offering builders and plumbers services that supply a full range of materials and products at competitive prices. They own a diverse stock of goods for both trade and domestic usage. Branded as a "one-stop-shop" for people's plumbing and building needs. They vend their local services with a fleet of vehicles; however, they are not limited to local areas as they have an extensive network of national couriers.

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A Glance At The Detail

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The Challenge

Our client first came to us in 2022 with a 6-month SEO and PPC service demand. One issue we needed to tackle was determining the success of campaigns vis a vis the seasonality of the building industry and how this might have affected the past performance of their campaigns. We saw that the original CPCs of the company were over £1.50 on average and that each service/product was split out for a specific campaign; there was a similarity of keywords within each campaign without an active negative keyword funnel which meant that there were inaccuracies in demographic targeting as well as in the duplicate search term auction entries from multiple campaigns.

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Our Approach

Since we were facing challenges with the previous structure, we had to start by doing a complete overhaul of the account structure from a paid search perspective.

Our Social media marketing team has worked hard to resolve the problems the client was initially facing, like the lack of technical SEO implementation in their website, and we quickly started witnessing some positive results. Following the client's request, we began to build out the "light-side building materials" section on their website, as there was a need to keep the campaign structure and the website structure in sync.

The performance on the ads account has been maintained and improved by identifying opportunities and making incremental changes to work towards the best way to capture the market. For example, once we started seeing our ads directly influencing sales, we adjusted our approach to align with best SEO practices throughout the site. This involves growing the ads account through Google Search to affect every one of the product/service pages on their website.

By using and reviewing our daily budget tracker data on a monthly reporting basis, we can now identify performance improvements and can conduct regular A/B experiments to try out different landing pages/ad copy across various branches.

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The Result

With an apparent seasonality influence in the building trade, we felt the importance and relevance of looking at the YoY transactions of 2021 and 2022. observing the three months between September and November, the year-on-year transactions increased by 139.97%, with November seeing the most significant increase from our Paid Search efforts at 202%. With the best PPC practice combined with a methodical and ethical approach to building ad campaigns and accountability-boosted performance, we managed to achieve the following results:

Increase in orders placed
Increase in clicks
Decrease in CPC
Increase in goal conversions
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